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Inside the Outline, pt 3 July 30 2013

It is apparent the people of Dallas have been highly receptive to our designs. THANK YOU for inspiring me to reach higher than I ever have before. We have had features in the Park Cities People, The Advocate Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and now WFAA Channel 8 for our first on screen appearance ;) 

Of course this is all exciting and helping our exposure/sales, but the goal of OutlineTheSky is to be a brand name that you turn to for comfort, simple fashion, and a culture inspired item. The time to pat ourselves on the back has come and gone as quickly as the rain this summer. 

This post is to be short and to the point. For us to be successful, we have to be consistent and do whatever we can for our customers. In turn we want our customers inadvertently speaking about OTS when they don't even know they are doing it (subliminal). There have been changes with OTS in the past month, all for the better, and we are now taking off in to steadiness. Our orders will be turned around quicker, our designs crisper, our reach expanding from Dallas, through Texas, and throughout the country. 

We need you to be a part of it. 



Inside The Outline: June Update 6/10/13 June 10 2013

I realize I haven't been as dedicated to the blog as much as I probably should. I apologize, friends. 

I did want to write to thank you for visiting the site and if you have made a purchase, I am flattered. There has been so much happening with OTS that it is hard to sum up in a response to the question, "How is it going?". My response is always the same, "well. Thanks." 

How boring is that? 


OTS has seen tremendous growth over the past 3 months. We have far exceeded initial expectations we set forth ourselves and I am sure other people had held OTS to. Thats not to say I didn't think I had something special with it, but I didn't think we would have had been so well received, nor did I think it would expand in to a legitimate company. I should use the word legitimate and company in the same sentence sparingly because we are such a work in progress. Each day I learn something new. Some days sales, a lot of sales, other days we have 0 with 1 or 2 page views. One day I am stressing about introducing a new product line and the next day I am on a conference call with potential partners (legitimate at that but do not want to release until finalized) discussing ways to team up. I love this shit man. I am addicted to it and feel like I am having the most fun I possibly can...even in my own head just thinking of new ideas I always want to push this forward. 


Part of me is scared as hell but I guess in all start ups you just kind of go with the flow. In my case, there is no business plan. There isn't a protocol. Its sink or swim and if you are swimming how do I turn that in to surfing? That's the trick and magic to learn. 


I recently agreed to a deal with St Bernard Sports that is our first retail outlet. Very exciting but also nervous and stressful. Making sure all parts are working together is something I am learning how to do and thoroughly enjoying. They are carrying the original Dallas black on grey skyline shirt and we did a new one for the Grey and Burnt Orange Austin version. I think both will do well and am hoping we can get some women's carried there too! 


There are 2 other deals specifically that if won, could be a major victory for OTS. Will we win both or even one? I don't know. I sure hope so. I do know that using the creative side of my brain is something that makes me most happy in life. As long as people keep buying and are happy with my products, I will keep making them and finding new ways to make things look cool. 


I will try to get more consistent with these blogs, but don't get mad at me if I don't! :) 



Launch! April 12 2013

Today is a damn good day. This new revamp has taken about two and a half weeks but the work put in feels more like several months. Late nights, several phone calls, and many Facebook/Instagram posts later and we are here. I am real excited to share the new designs with everybody as well as our website upgrade and hope you find one (if not several) you like/want to rep.

There was quite a bit of feedback from people I didn't excpect to hear from and even purchases by people I dont even know. THANK YOU. That made not only me but our team excited and proud of what we are doing. We have a vision for OTS and can't do it without the feedback, positive or negative. Although this company is not even a month old, we are growing up quick. We still have things to work on so we ask for your help to make OTS a success. I encourage you to email us directly at with anything you want to say, ask, or discuss. Also send us pictures of you wearing OTS and we will put you on our social media sites. If you have feedback I can't promise we will get back to you immediately, but I can promise you we will get back to you.

This is an exciting day and its only the beginning of things to come. We want your experience wearing OutlineTheSky to feel good, to be positive, and overall satisfying. From the moment you land on our site, to the second you put on our shirt, we aim to make it seamless and easy for you. OutlineTheSky stands for people & culture. We want you, the people, to connect with the culture of not only your City, but Cities across the world.


When you see us let us know what you think. We couldn't do it without you.


-Palmer and the OTS team

Thank You! March 22 2013

If you are reading this, I want you to know I appreciate the time you took to come here and check out my designs.

I can't be successful without you and I recognize clients are the most important piece to any business.

I am excited to share not only the Dallas design but much more to come.

If you have any questions, please email and we will get back to you.

Get to shoppin!

-OTS Team