Launch! April 12 2013

Today is a damn good day. This new revamp has taken about two and a half weeks but the work put in feels more like several months. Late nights, several phone calls, and many Facebook/Instagram posts later and we are here. I am real excited to share the new designs with everybody as well as our website upgrade and hope you find one (if not several) you like/want to rep.

There was quite a bit of feedback from people I didn't excpect to hear from and even purchases by people I dont even know. THANK YOU. That made not only me but our team excited and proud of what we are doing. We have a vision for OTS and can't do it without the feedback, positive or negative. Although this company is not even a month old, we are growing up quick. We still have things to work on so we ask for your help to make OTS a success. I encourage you to email us directly at with anything you want to say, ask, or discuss. Also send us pictures of you wearing OTS and we will put you on our social media sites. If you have feedback I can't promise we will get back to you immediately, but I can promise you we will get back to you.

This is an exciting day and its only the beginning of things to come. We want your experience wearing OutlineTheSky to feel good, to be positive, and overall satisfying. From the moment you land on our site, to the second you put on our shirt, we aim to make it seamless and easy for you. OutlineTheSky stands for people & culture. We want you, the people, to connect with the culture of not only your City, but Cities across the world.


When you see us let us know what you think. We couldn't do it without you.


-Palmer and the OTS team