Inside The Outline: June Update 6/10/13 June 10 2013

I realize I haven't been as dedicated to the blog as much as I probably should. I apologize, friends. 

I did want to write to thank you for visiting the site and if you have made a purchase, I am flattered. There has been so much happening with OTS that it is hard to sum up in a response to the question, "How is it going?". My response is always the same, "well. Thanks." 

How boring is that? 


OTS has seen tremendous growth over the past 3 months. We have far exceeded initial expectations we set forth ourselves and I am sure other people had held OTS to. Thats not to say I didn't think I had something special with it, but I didn't think we would have had been so well received, nor did I think it would expand in to a legitimate company. I should use the word legitimate and company in the same sentence sparingly because we are such a work in progress. Each day I learn something new. Some days sales, a lot of sales, other days we have 0 with 1 or 2 page views. One day I am stressing about introducing a new product line and the next day I am on a conference call with potential partners (legitimate at that but do not want to release until finalized) discussing ways to team up. I love this shit man. I am addicted to it and feel like I am having the most fun I possibly can...even in my own head just thinking of new ideas I always want to push this forward. 


Part of me is scared as hell but I guess in all start ups you just kind of go with the flow. In my case, there is no business plan. There isn't a protocol. Its sink or swim and if you are swimming how do I turn that in to surfing? That's the trick and magic to learn. 


I recently agreed to a deal with St Bernard Sports that is our first retail outlet. Very exciting but also nervous and stressful. Making sure all parts are working together is something I am learning how to do and thoroughly enjoying. They are carrying the original Dallas black on grey skyline shirt and we did a new one for the Grey and Burnt Orange Austin version. I think both will do well and am hoping we can get some women's carried there too! 


There are 2 other deals specifically that if won, could be a major victory for OTS. Will we win both or even one? I don't know. I sure hope so. I do know that using the creative side of my brain is something that makes me most happy in life. As long as people keep buying and are happy with my products, I will keep making them and finding new ways to make things look cool. 


I will try to get more consistent with these blogs, but don't get mad at me if I don't! :)